Software Features
Automatic Call Cycle Management Ensures Lead Contact Through Drip Marketing

Create a full contact cycle to make sure each lead is contacted at the right time, by the right person. Our software takes agent specific leads and creates a full contact pattern including calls, voicemails, and emails to ensure that they are qualified and disqualified as efficiently as possible. Keep your agents on task by eliminating list views and other decisions/distractions from the end user.
Prime B2B Calling Hours Automatic Time Zone and Business Hours Calling

Call all over the country and never worry about changing time zones, calling during lunch, or when the business is closed. Our software automatically calls new leads and contact cycle leads only during prime business calling hours so your agents spend time talking to decision makers.
Severe Weather Avoidance Automatically Eliminates Severe Weather Areas

Never waste your time calling during a tornado, flood, or other severe storms. Our software connects to the National Weather Service and automatically removes areas that are affected by severe weather warnings.
Full Phone Integration Our Service Includes a Fully Managed System

Get a fully featured hosted phone system as part of every system we build. Including features such as drag and drop call transfer, drag and drop voice conferencing, visual voicemail, voicemail to email and much more. Easily track and manage your hosted phone system using our heads up display, this shows your entire system in real time for easy management and monitoring.
Click To Call Automatically Call With a Click or Touch

Stop wasting your time manually dialing phone numbers. Our software allows you to call with a single click, double click or touch. It automatically connects your agents phone and the dialed number saving several seconds on every call.
Automatic Voicemails Play Recorded Messages With a Click

Dont waste your time or energy leaving the same message hundres of times per day. Use our software to record messages so you can leave one click automatic voicemails. You can send the current call to the pre-recorded voice message, and the agent can move on to the next call. This feature saves your agents valuable time, their voice and energy.
Agent Specific Callbacks Set and Forget Scheduled Calls

Using our scheduled callbacks agents can set up a date/time for leads to be called back. The lead will be brought up automatically the next time the agent is available after the scheduled time.
Monitor Agents In Real Time View, Listen, Join, Coach, Record Agents Calls

Easily track and manage your agents calling with our real time heads up display. With features like remote call listen, join, coach, transfer, conference, and record you can fully manage agents from anywhere. Your agents can take advantage of drag and drop conferencing, drag and drop call transfer, visual voicemail, voicemail to email, and more.
Full Email Integration Easily Send One Click Emails Including Attachments

You can customize and send several email templates including attachments and full html emails. Our software automatically updates lead history to include inbound and outbound emails. In addition when an inbound email is received the lead is pulled up automatically the next time the agent is available. You can easily send both templated and custom emails including attachments from inside our software, no need for other more time consuming programs.
Full Lead History Keep Track of Calls, Voicemails, Emails, and Lead Status

Stay informed with our full lead history, always know what interactions you have had with each lead. Our software shows your entire lead history including agent calls, voicemails, emails, dispositions, notes, lead status and more.
Detailed Agent Reporting View Real Time Agent and Group Performance

Instant accesss to agent performance details such as total calls, average call time, voicemails left, emails sent, and full lead disposition counts by day or date range, for a single agent or groups of agents. Our customized reports are created specifically for your company and detail exactly the key information you need.
Export Lead Data To CRM System

Export your lead data to a csv file for easy upload to an existing internal CRM system. We can also customize and automate the lead export process so your agents can instantly transfer leads and contact data to your CRM.
Fully Customized Outbound B2B Software For Your Company

All of our software is written specifically for each company we work with. This means you end up with a fully customized software that is designed to do exactly what you need it to as efficiently as possible. If you want a feature you don't see we can customize our software to do almost anything.
Fully Managed Hosted Virtual Private Server

All of our software is hosted on powerful dedicated virtual private servers at a state of the art data center. With access to gigabit internet connections, multiple redundant providers, and power sources your servers stay available all the time.
30 Day Free Trial Try Our Software Free For 30 Days

We are so confident you will increase your efficiency and performance we are willing to develop custom software for your company, and let you use it free for the first 30 days. If you are satisfied we charge a flat rate per user per month for our service. It includes unlimited support and customizations so our software will grow and change with your company.

*Phone Hardware and Phone Usage Not Included
*Click on any feature for more information.
Our Experience
Our software supports desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and touch screens.
Our software supports most major internet browsers and platforms including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.
Our software utilizes a variety of open source technologies including Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Asterisk, jQuery and more.
Our Philosophy
The Sales Process

The typical sales process requires a highly trained, highly paid sales professional to spend the majority of their time prospecting for new leads. This process is inefficient, expensive, and leads to a high turnover rate among valued sales employees. Most agents that sell over the phone spend very little time actually closing sales and taking care of customers. Instead they spend most of their time calling uninterested leads trying to generate interest. Once they have an interested lead, they can actually start selling.

The entire sales process is plagued with inefficiency and redundancy. Our approach and our software combine to provide interested leads to your qualified sales agents, so they spend the majority of their time doing what they are paid to do… close deals. This type of selling typically uses less skilled and expensive workers to call, qualify and schedule companies to talk with qualified sales agents. Our B2B software is specifically designed to utilize those lower paid, less skilled workers to keep your highly paid and skilled sales agents making you money.

This multi-tiered sales process is a win for everyone involved. Telemarketers spend their time prospecting for new leads. Sales agents spend their time talking to qualified, interested leads. Interested companies get to schedule a convenient time for them to pay attention to your pitch. This approach saves everyone involved time and money.

How does this all work?

We designed our software based on a multi-tiered selling approach. It is the most cost effective and efficient way to do outbound cold calling and get results. When you combine all of our features such as click to call, automatic voicemails, one click emails, automatic contact tracking, and an automatic call cycle you end up with a tool that can generate leads faster and more efficiently than other systems. Utilizing other features such as our heads up display, drag and drop transfer, drag and drop voice conferencing, voicemail to email, remote call coaching, remote call monitoring and more you can stay in control of the entire process. In addition our systems are hosted, so your employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our software is developed specifically for your company, so we can customize and automate the process to make sure it is effective.

Tedious Tasks

Most call center agents jobs consist of making outbound calls, sending emails, responding to emails, taking inbound calls, taking messages for other people, and a variety of other time consuming tasks. It requires using many different programs, screens, and training to figure out how to do each. A typical email can take as much as 15 minutes, a message up to 5 minutes, and training can take hours or days. All this adds up to valuable time not spent on the phone prospecting for new leads.

Make It Simple

Our software includes a fully integrated set of features for every scenario. With our one click email templates you can send out an email in less than 5 seconds, you can also send personalized emails, send attachments such as quotes or brochures, and much more. Agents pre-record voicemail messages that can be played back with a single click, allowing them to move on to the next call. Click to dial saves time, ensures the number is dialed correctly, saves energy, and automatically updates the software so you know every time you have even attempted to make contact.

These combined with an automatic contact cycle, a multi-tiered sales approach, and many other features help you get the most out of every one of your employees. We also customize our software for every client and can automate nearly every task your agents perform. This means you get a fully customized easy to use tool for your agents to keep them on the phone.

Why predictive dialers don't work

The easiest way to explain why a predictive dialer will never work is simple. Answer this one question honestly; what do you do when you get a call from a predictive dialer? I just hang up. This is by far the most popular answer and it is exactly why a predictive dialer will not work.

Everyone has been called by some sort of auto dialer, survey system, message broadcaster, or some other sort of automated system by now. It is basically the default action by most of us to just hang up if there is not a live person on the other end of the line. The problem is that no matter what system you are using it takes time to transfer the call to your waiting agent. Even the best systems take anywhere from a few hundred milliseconds up to several seconds to complete the call transfer process. During this time the majority of the people you call will simply hang up. Your agent’s waste time, energy, and phone usage every day trying to connect.

If you try to use an automated dialing system to do B2B sales the performance is even worse. Think about it, when is the last time you called a company and they didn’t have an auto-attendant? Chances are almost every company you call has some sort of automation built into their phone system, and no automated system can guarantee getting through. In fact this is the reason you have sales agents in the first place. If we could make a system that could talk and interact the way a real person could, you wouldn’t need them.

What can you do about it?

Our software utilizes the same technology as a predictive dialer and integrates into our hosted phone system to provide several strategic advantages. Click to call or automatic dialing saves your agents from having to manually dial calls, ensures numbers are dialed accurately, and provides call tracking information to our software automatically. Automatic voicemails allow your agent to pre-record messages to be delivered with a click, it also lets your agent move on to the next call while the message is still being played. When you combine these features and have a live agent waiting to talk to your leads, your agent’s total connected calls will increase significantly.

No More Complicated Lists

The list view causes more stress, anxiety, and wasted time than any other feature of a modern CRM software. Your sales agents go through a list, pick the company they want to call, look at company details to determine if calling is appropriate, then are finally able to actually make the call. It takes a toll on your agents, making them manually choose the next lead, manually review the lead details/history, and then finally manually dial the call. All of this adds up to valuable seconds up to minutes for each and every call. What this really means is you are losing time, money, and energy on every call.

How can you do it differently?

The typical approach of determining which lead to call and when, allows your leads to simply fall through the cracks. Even the most seasoned sales professionals make mistakes, judgment calls, and commonly “cherry pick” leads. Our software is designed to automatically choose the best lead to call based on a variety of criteria. It eliminates severe weather areas, automatically calls during prime business hours, and ensures every lead is contacted multiple times.

With our automatic call cycle you can call your leads multiple times in a short period of time, leave multiple voicemails, send multiple emails, and ensure correct handling of every lead. We use simple dispositions at the end of each call to determine the next course of action. You can integrate multiple calls, voicemails, emails, and text messages into this cycle as well.

This is commonly referred to as drip marketing, the goal is to communicate with your lead several times within a short period to see if there is any interest in your product or service. Combined with a multi-tiered sales approach you can see a significant increase in productivity as well as decreased costs overall. Our software is fully customized for each client to build a unique contact cycle so you get the most out of all of your leads.

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